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T-shirt Quilts

Creating a quilt from T-shirts is a great way to get those beloved T's out of the drawers and on display.  Perhaps these are T's the kids no longer wear, or commemorative T's celebrating special high school or college events, or  T's you have collected while on vacation.  Whatever the source, don't hide those T-shirts in the closet.   Create a warm and snuggly reminder of very pleasant memories!

T-shirt quilts are priced at $25.00 per T-shirt. You can provide the border and backing fabric or I will, your choice, same price.  Included in the price is preparation of the T-shirts, sewing the top together, quilting and binding.

As an example:  12 adult T-shirts will create a twin size quilt like the one shown immediately below and the cost would be $300.

If you are interested in having a T-shirt quilt made, you can contact me by email  at mary@keywestquilts.com.    Please use the word QUILT in the subject to help me recognize real messages from SPAM.  

Or you can reach me by telephone 727-741-4722. 


"A Time for Remembering”

Twin Size Bed Quilt: 65” X 84”

Completed 2007.














"Michelle's T-shirt Quilt”

Queen Size Bed Quilt: 84” X 84”

Completed 2005.


 This T-shirt quilt was made by my friend Michelle Hammons and is a great example of college T's pulled together for a graduation present.. 


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