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Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are a very special kind of custom quilt made to honor the most significant moments of our lives....
    a birth, a graduation, a wedding, an anniversary, a lifetime. 
It is truly a privilege to create a memory quilt for a client and a very meaningful labor of love for me.  
Below are examples of some of the memory quilts that I have had the honor of creating.

If you are interested in having a memory quilt made, I hope you will contact me to discuss the possibilities.  Prices are the same as for custom quilts, but the materials used vary by project.  They include clothing, photographs, and other mementos.  Click here to see custom quilt pricing

You can contact me by email  at mary@keywestquilts.com.   
Please use the word QUILT in the subject to help me recognize real messages from SPAM.  

Or you can reach me by telephone 727-741-4722. 


"Wedding" Memory Quilts

“A Memory Quilt for the Bride and Groom”

 Wall Hanging:
  40” X 42”

Completed 2003.


The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom collected pictures and mementos of the bride and groom's childhood  to include in this wall hanging for the newlyweds.






“Marital Advice”


Wall Hanging: 
 90” x 60”

Completed 2004.
The bride asked friends and family for their advice on creating a successful marriage.  Their comments (written and drawn on fabric), along with parts of the wedding gown, were incorporated in a large wall hanging.






"Special Occasion" Memory Quilts

“Signature Plaid Throw”


  Completed 2002.

Designed to celebrate a special birthday, the blocks in this quilt were signed by the recipient's 41 children and grandchildren.




"50 Years Together"

Full Size Bed Quilt

Completed 2004.

As a commemoration of a golden anniversary, the children and grandchildren of this couple drew around their hands.  Their individual handprints were transferred to fabric .  Each block is signed by the contributing individual.  The  center appliqué motif is patterned after the couple's everyday china pattern.









"Honoring a Lifetime" Memory Quilts


“Stars of My Heart”

  Large Wall Hanging

           Completed 2001.

Wanting to get pictures of parents, siblings and children out of the scrapbook and out on display,  this setting was designed to complement my client's living room.








“The Pocket Quilt”

  Full Size Bed Quilt:  72” X 72”

    Completed 2003.

A daughter chose to remember her father by incorporating his clothing (pockets and squares on point) in a functional bed quilt.  We also printed some of his favorite sayings on fabric and included them in the quilt.



“The Hawaiian Shirt Quilt”

Queen Size Bed Quilt:  90” X 92”

Completed 2009.

 A wife chose to honor her late husband by having his collection of Hawaiian shirts pieced into a quilt.











"A Time for Remembering”

Twin Size Bed Quilt: 65” X 84”

Completed 2007.


A T-shirt quilt is a really fun kind of memory quilt.  The pricing is different for T-shirt quilts. 

Click here for info on T-shirt quilts.





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