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I hand quilt because I love to hand quilt!

It is not a fast process.
If you are up against a deadline, please consider machine quilting.

If, however, you are working on an heirloom that you would like to pass down to generations...
Well, that may well worth the time spent hand quilting!

Please see the Quilts for Sale Page to get a close up look at my quilting stitches.

I charge by the square foot for hand quilting:

Outline, Grid or Straight Line quilting $8.00/sq. foot
Design/Pattern quilting $10.00/sq. foot
Designs with heavy quilting $12.00/sq.foot

To calculate the cost of hand quilting your quilt, multiply the length (in feet) times the width (in feet) times the cost per square foot.

For example, a full size quilt 78" X 84" quilted using outline and straight line quilting would be

   6.5' X 7' = 45.5 sq.feet @ $8.00 = $364.00.

I provide the quilting thread.

The client is responsible for shipping charges to and from my studio.  Please see

                     Quilt Preparation Tips

for further details on getting your quilt ready to quilt.


Binding service is available at $.25 per linear inch of the quilt perimeter. 
Using the example above, the cost of binding would be:

    78+84+78+84 = 324" x $.25 = $81.00

A 50% deposit is required to begin work and the balance is due when the quilt is completed.

If you are interested in my hand quilting service, please contact me by email


   to review details and available dates. 



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