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    The Quilt Gallery

Seeing What’s Inside”                                                                                         


 Wall hanging:
       approximately 51” X 53”  

    Completed 2003.
  Original Design:  Shadow quilt
      challenge piece based on

        Sara Nephew’s empty cube







***Awarded 'Best Use of Color' in the Gulf States Quilting Association Show: Nature's Fantasy 2005!***


“The Aquarium”

Wall Hanging:  42” X 20”
Completed 1993




“The Pocket Quilt”

  Full Size Bed Quilt:  72” X 72”

  Commission Piece Memory Quilt

  --Constructed of Father’s clothing.

  Completed 2003.







“Signature Plaid Throw”


Commission Piece for Birthday Present

  -Signed by 41 children and grandchildren.

  Completed 2002.





“Postcards from the Keys”

Wall Hanging:  40” X 29”    

Completed 2000

  (After a class in curved piecing by Susan Webb Lee)




“Stars of My Heart”

  Large Wall Hanging

  Commission Piece

             Memory Quilt

  Completed 2001.








To see more of the quilt gallery follow the link below to page 2.

                          Gallery II



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