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Row by Row Quilt

I am so excited. My Row by Row quilt pattern is finally available for sale.   I have been teaching this class for several years, and my students love it.  However, getting all the hints and special notes that I include in class incorporated into printed instructions has been a challenge, to say the least. 

The patterns included here were written by Mary Breckeen for Key West Quilts.  They are traditional patterns.  Nevertheless, a word of thanks is due!  I was first introduced to this concept by my friend Jeré Funk.  I love the row-by-row quilt I made in her class.  Jeré even granted me permission to teach her quilt, but, unfortunately, the patterns for her row-by-row quilt were lost in hurricane Katrina.  The quilt was so much fun that I wrote new patterns and put my own spin on the blocks selected.   This is not a duplication of Jeré's quilt, but I am grateful for her class and her teaching skills. 

Click on the link below to purchase this pattern:

                    Show me where to get the Row by Row Quilt pattern!                   


Click on the pictures below to see some of the beautiful quilts that have come out of my Row by Row classes.

Holly's quilt: 

     Barb's quilt: 







 Kathy's quilt:                                 

    Mary's quilt:



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